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Frequently Asked Questions
Is the material toxic?
No, it is completely non toxic.
Should I clean it?
It is not necessary to clean Fur-Zoff. Since AMV Products are made from glass, there are no common household cleaning products that will hurt them. Start with warm soapy water and move to more aggressive cleaners if needed. You might also try a little brushing or spraying action to help get the grime out. If all else fails, a light stroke across the concrete of a driveway or sidewalk will trim off the surface and expose a new set of pores.
Are these products safe on all fabrics?
Fur-Zoff is an abrasive cleaner and is not safe on delicate materials such as lace. Leather should also be avoided.
Isn’t it just like pumice?
No. Fur-Zoff is safer, more durable, and more effective than pumice.
Fur-Zoff is more durable than pumice because pumice is brittle and more friable. Fur-Zoff does not wear out under normal household use.
Unlike pumice, glass products are free of crystalline silicates, a known contributor to health hazards.
Is it made and sourced in the USA?
Yes, all our products are made in the USA. Because glass is made everywhere in the world, we cannot guarantee that all our recycled bottles are coming directly from the USA, but they are received and recycled locally.
Do you have any tips for dealing with static electricity?
Static electricity is an amazing invisible force of nature. A light drift spray of any commercially available anti-static product just before you go in with the Fur-Zoff stops the static in its tracks and allows the Fur-Zoff to work like it is supposed to work. A few customers have said that even a light misting of plain water will do the trick.